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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Naked Body

The Naked Body

What is the naked body? Is being naked the same as sex? What is sex? Sex in its simplest form is male and female. If you look at it there is not much difference in male or female. The difference is simple a male has a penis and a female has a vulva. Females also are the ones that has children. Hormones are another issue that makes us male or female. Our souls also makes us male or female. We need to know who we are before we can take the responsibilities of who we are.

To be human it takes more than our physical bodies. Let me talk more on this. When we are born, we are given two lives. All of us are self aware. We can look in the mirror and know that we are looking at us. We cannot see our soul, but we know it is there. We are responsible in taking care of our soul and our body. When we choose to become Christians, we are then three lives. How one takes responsibilities over their spiritual life I will talk about here in this blog. Your spiritual life is none of my business. In fact it is none of my business of any of your lives. This blog is to simply to help parents to teach their children about the human body.

Children cannot teach themselves. Teenagers might be able to, but in the times in which we live, it may not be easy. That is why it is so important for parents to teach this. The churches cannot. The school cannot. Why is this so? God gave us parents for a reason. The responsibilities is not given to anyone else but the parents. I have heard the same old story, “My parents did not teach me, so I do not know how to do the same.” That is a big damn lie. Parents do not need to have their parents to teach whatever in order to be parents in the here and now.

So what if their parents did not do their job right. That is no excuse of not teaching your children properly. No one knows everything. If parents do not know how to teach, then they should learn about the human body while the mother is pregnant. Parents do not need to be rocket scientist to teach their children about the human body. I strongly believe that nudity in the home is a great way for parent to teach their children about the human body. Visual aids can do more then just words.

Before you loose your sanity on the subject of nudity in the home, ask yourself, “What is the big deal about the naked body anyhow?” Why does the United States of America make a big deal over nakedness and at the same time being so sexual immoral? People in the USA rather see the trash that is on the media, then see the naked body as it should be seen. What is shown on the media is presenting the human body as a sex object. The human body was not made to be this way.

The human body is something very beautiful, male or female. It should be respected. In order to learn how to respect a gift that has been given to all of us, is by knowledge. The media does not teach knowledge. They show how anything but what not to do. Just the same we follow and obey what they media does teach us. Parents which of the two would you want your children to learn from first, you or the media?

What is the human naked body then? From head to toe it is this:

Male body: The head with hair on top. One might lose this hair do to whatever reason. On that head it has eyes under the forehead. It also has a nose, moth, ears, chin, etc. Between the head and the body, there is a neck. The body portion has a chest (with nipples), abdomen, belly button, etc. Underneath the waistline is a penis with testicles and buttocks at the rear. After that, there is legs.

Female body- The head and all its parts including the neck. The chest of a female is larger but both male and female have breast and nipples. The reason for this is that after child birth, women an breastfeed their young. As for the genitalia, it is called a vulva. The vulva is the external part of the female genitalia. I has many parts. The vulva is made up of a clitoris, major and minor lips, and glands that will lubricate the vulva during intercourse.

I could go into more detail of both male and female bodies, but I am not medical professional. The purpose of this article is to present the question, “What is the human naked body?” In naming the genitalia of both male and female, I used the real words for each. I did not call them by their slang words. I believe calling any body part other then what they are really is do to ignorance. A hand is called a hand and nothing else. A penis should be called a penis as well as a vulva should be called a vulva.

When we look upon our own naked bodies, we should not think that we are ugly, dirty, or immoral. It is how we present our bodies that might make it immoral. Seeing nakedness or being naked is not wrong, immoral, or whatever. If you do not want to walk around in a place without any clothes then that is your business. Just the same under the Constitution of the United States of America and the Declaration of Independence, you have the right to walk around completely naked if you want to. I personally would not do that in public because that is me. What makes you is none of anyone’s business.

Just the same there are laws that should not be laws that say that you cannot go naked in public. These laws are a destruction of human privacy. No government has the right to tell you what you cannot do. I do not like a lot of things that are around me. I do not like rap music. It would be wrong for me to make a fuss and have laws to keep others from listening to rap music or even make it. For me I simply do not listen to it. I let people do what they want. If you see someone walking naked on the streets and you do not like looking at the naked body, then do not look at it. Mind your own business. Life can be simpler if we just live our own lives and not others.

I make this challenge to all of you. When you have the time alone, take off all your clothes off. Look at yourself in the mirror. Study every aspect of your body. Do this for at least 30 minutes. After that write down something good about each and every part of your body. Write at least 2 to 5 pages. When you are finished, read what you have written. You might be surprised on what you have written. If you want to you can post them on the comment of the post so others can read it. What you written could help others no fear the human naked body. As all of the comments that are sent, I first will verify them before they are officially posted. If any thing is not proper to be posted, then it will not.

Please make any other comments you would like to share. As long as your comments are not harassing or abusive, then they will be posted so others can read them. Having other viewpoints on this subject on the importance of parents teaching their children about the human body will help. Thank you reading my blog.

Breathe deep, seek peace,
Brandon Bowers


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