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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The importance of wearing clothes

How one dresses in public does show how much you do take care of your own self, body and soul. In a society we have rules and policies that makes up the civilization no matter what country you live in. How the media dictates how we dress is not proper. In this it shows that the human body is degrading and immoral. As I have stated before many times and I will continue to state this thing, “The human naked body is not immoral or degrading.

If the human body is not immoral or degrading, then why do we have to dress a certain way? That answer is very simple. We dress because we are presenting ourselves in front of others. In one of my articles, I talked about the difference in private life and public life. There is a big difference in the two. Even though the naked body is not immoral, it is how we present ourselves that can make it immoral. When we dress in a immoral manner, we are then presenting our naked bodies as such.

If we have to dress up in a proper manner, when can we be naked? Even though other countries other then the United States of America does not fear the human naked body, they still have their own ethics and morals in their society. No matter where you live, how one dresses is the sign of maturity and respect towards others. To answer the question it is not that easy to answer. Even in private life one can be present their naked bodies immorally. How can that be? If you have a person in your home that is offended by seeing the naked body, then you might be presenting your naked body in an immoral manner.

Once you have the place to take off your clothes without disturbing others, you will then be able to be naked in the correct manner. How you present oneself makes all the difference. When parents teach their children the human body, then they must teach them how to respect the human body. When parents can completely teach the human body, more and more people will stop fearing the human body. When this continues down the line when their children grows up and have children and so on, one day we just might in our own society have nakedness in the norm in public life.

I do not know what will happen in the near or far future, but if we add knowledge to it, a lot more things can happen for the better. Ignorance does not solve on thing. If anyone knows about history, they will already know that ignorance can destroy a society and even a nation. All learning starts from the parents that is given to the children of any nation. Schools can help with the academics of learning, but where it counts parents always holds the responsibility of raising their children. How a nation goes about growing and maturing is up to how parents do their jobs.

When a nation becomes sexually immoral, a fast decline comes upon that nation. A good many nations have fallen just because of sexual immorality. In the past 20 years the media has become the slut revolving door. There is more sexual immorality in the movies and television then in any pornographic magazine. If parents do not start teaching their children soon on the human body, no one will be able to tell the difference between a pornographic movie to what is on the theaters and television.

It is getting very bad now. The ratings that is given for movies and television shows will not be enough to control the damage that is growing and growing like a cancer. When will this change? When will parents turn things around and make a difference for their children? It is true that many of their parents did not teach them about the human body, but this does not mean that they should do the same. Parents must start a new trend. A trend for the future of their children and their country.

Breathe deep, seek peace,
Brandon Bowers


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