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Thursday, May 29, 2008

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Finally, there is a website that shows true educational information about sex and the human body without the porn side of it!  There is nothing worse then showing that sex is normal and then when you get into the website, all they show is porn.  No wonder so many parents are confused in what to teach their own children about the human body. There is nothing dirty or wrong about sex. Please do not allow these porn sites, myths about sex, and all confusion make you think that your body, having sex is something dirty, bad, immoral, or whatever negative concepts society throws at you.

While I am thinking about it, please do not allow society to stop you new mothers from breastfeeding your children, no matter what age they are.  When you do stop breastfeeding your children is no one else business.  It is between you and your children.  A lot of the trouble in the USA in regards to the human body is due to violation of privacy.  If people think a mother should stop breastfeeding their child after year one, then that is their believe.  Another words, if a mother wants to feed them when their own children are read to stop then they have the right to do it.




Now back to this posting.  There is a big danger in not teaching your children about the human body.  Teenage girls are getting pregnant before the reach the age of 16 years old.  Since there is nothing wrong with sex in it self, there is a danger when ignorance is mixed with having sex with someone.  I have said this many times and I will say it again, "I have seen photos online of teenagers have STDs or STIs that would make the best horror movie win best comedy of the century.  This can all be avoided if you the parent teach your own children about the human body.  Just teaching them to wait to have sex before marriage will not cut it!





What you the parents can do for your own children in the home before they become sexual active in their own bodies, can make a large and important reality to your children.  All that is being shown on the media about sex is not reality whatsoever.  The purpose of showing sex in ads is to sell things with sex.  First of all that has nothing to do with sex.  It has to do with hooking the viewer to buy an item by how they present the ad.  The human naked body is not meant to be used as a advertisement.  Our bodies have something more profound then something that simple.

Our bodies are meant to have sex.  All animals including human beings are given a sex drive.  With humans, it starts to develop in the early teen years of life.  I strongly believe that children should already know all about the human body long before their hormones starts to develop.  With this rush of hormones, it can be very scary at first.  Some teenagers can have a very powerful sex drive.

On the parent's perspective, I would not jump on to the doctor right away.  Unless your teenage child is all the sudden not functioning as he/she did before, then things are as it should be.  If you trained your child right about the human body, he/she will be able to handle the rush of this.  Trying to stop or slow down the natural flow of the natural on going of this strong hormones could cause more damage then you may realize.

At this stage the whole body, including the psyche, is developing at alarming rates.  Every part of the teenage body is rapidly getting ready to be what the DNA has programmed it to be.  Medical science might be needed, but it should never be used to silence what is natural because of fear on the parents side or even the child.  I see too much of this with parents.  True, order in life must be constantly adjusted in life, but not in the expense of natural life.

At the bottom of this blog is the link to the "Sex Health Guru" website.  I also have this link in my other links in this blog.  If parents due not know how to raise their children in learning all they need to know, which is just about everything, then I hope this website will help.  That is why I have written this blog in the first place.  To help parents be parents in this regard.  Ignorance is no excuse whatsoever.


Blessed Be to Isis and you,

Brandon Frater Phoenix
Given Name:  Brandon Bowers



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