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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Diary of a Nudist: Gypsy Taub Interviews Nudists Julie and Rich


What is body acceptance?  It is simply accepting that your body is something divine.  Why have we come to the point our bodies are bad, immoral, and sinful?  Does any religious text really state that being naked, having sex (making love), or anything that relates to the human body is something bad.  The answer is simple. It is how one interprets what they read.

That is the confusion about faith/religion is that there are leaders that have their own point of views that does their best to run other people lives.  Teaching anything about any subject, the instructor must be very open and objective.  The responsibility of teaching is too great. All must learn by their own views with the proper discipline in education.  Tyranny in teaching, students cannot learn.

When parents teach their children openly about the human body, then their children will respond to that in the way they should.  It is the lack of teaching that children get the wrong message.  They end up having sex even though they do not really want to do so.  They simply follow the same mindless propaganda that is being regulated by our own government and laws they produce.  Laws should protect children and everyone else in the society, but laws are there to take away freedoms due to fear.

Right now, the legal system, at least in the United States of America, does more suppression against freedom for the name of security.  Nothing wrong with security.  I have a good deal of security on my computer, but if I had more than one firewall or antivirus software I could mess up my computer.  Too much security in a given society is very dangerous.  It destroys the concept of having laws to protect freedoms.

Religion or organized religion is another source of suppression.  If no two people do not think alike, then how can the believe alike?  They cannot.  When a religious teacher teaches a one sided view of a faith, then that teacher will teach more propaganda then the faith itself.  When it comes right down to it, faith can only be lived by the individual.  Parents are suppose to teach us and raise us so that we can function on a given society.

By that right teaching in the home can children live the way they should, fully and completely.  There is not such thing as perfection in life.  Parents cannot be perfect, but they should do their best for their own children and not let others teach their children what they should be teaching them.  If parents really wants their children to do right with their own bodies when they are adults, then it must start in the home.

In the two videos of the link at the bottom, it will show a couple that will show the importance of body acceptance.  We must accept who we are at something divine instead of something sinful and dirty.  We are wonderful creatures.  By proper child rearing, can we learn to accept our bodies and the opposite gender as something divine.  Knowledge is power.  Ignorance is damaging.


Blessed Be to Isis and you,



Real Name:  Brandon Bowes




Diary of a Nudist: Gypsy Taub Interviews Nudists Julie and Rich


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