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Monday, March 02, 2009

Mom shows body to teach sex

What better way to teach about the human naked body and how it functions than by a visual means. If this mother sexually abused her 14 year old son, that would be a different matter, but she did not. Why do we fear the natural naked body? Does not make any good sense at all.

We are human beings. We have the mentality to understand the complexity of the human body. We are also sexual creatures. By the right knowledge, we can learn to live, function, think, and perform as the highest beings on Earth. Ignorance causes all sorts of sexual transmitted diseases (STD) or sexual transmitted infections (STI). Either with ignorance or proper education, the hormones of a teenager will function. Sometimes teenager can have such a strong sex drive that they can rightfully go out or their mind if only suppression is being taught.

This by no means am I stating we should allow teenagers to go wild in having sex with others. That is the purpose of education, to control any given situation. With the basic knowledge of the human body, teenagers can then know what questions to ask their parents, teacher of the subject on sex education and be able to do deal with their own sexuality. As with any subject, it is not done by a simple lecture and that is it. Question will be asked.

I think the biggest fears we have in the Untied States of America and others countries regarding sex education is due to the fact pornography has been fused with reality. Let me make this ever so clear: No form of pornography is reality. In what I have seen, read, shows on behind the scenes of how pornography runs their business, these ladies are being raped, even it they volunteer to be a part of it. No one in their right minds wants to be sexually abused as all women are in the pornography business. Women nor men are sexual toys for others to use and abuse.

With abstinence sex only education is a form of suppression of the sex drive. It is also a slither of what should be taught to teenagers. Does a history teacher only teach one aspect of history, like the ancient Roman Empire? There are tons more about history, culture, and life itself from all time periods of history. The same is with the human body. A male should know all he needs to know about his own body. Believe it or not, he should know all there is to know about the female body. The same goes for the female.

How many of you ladies wished men would learn about who and what they are. This does not mean that females are not sexual active. In some cases females can have stronger sex drives then men. What makes a great lover in sex is knowledge and understanding on the one that is being loved. Love is expressed by feelings, but it must be controlled by thinking.

Let's go back to what I have said regarding some teenagers can have a very strong sex drive. How can the right knowledge help them manage their strong hormones? First of all ignorance brings out fear. Understanding brings out peace and understanding. Through ignorance a lot of misconceptions have been taught through the decades. The human body is designed to be touched. A lot of doctors have been teaching women and men the important of touching themselves not in the sexual means, but in the regards to detecting the possibility cancer.

What better way to know you own body by the means touching. Not only touching can relieve sexual tension, but it can get a person to know their own bodes. This will allow them to notice something different that could possibly be a beginning of a cancerous growth. If women can catch breast cancer at the 1st and 2nd stages, then they have a much better chance of serious issues with breast cancer.

Touching oneself on the genitalia is not sinful or harmful. All the misconceptions of masturbation has been completely been removed and 100% proven false in the mainstream life. Still even in the 21st Century due to mostly religious control, there are people stating that one can become sex addicted my masturbating oneself. There are no scientific proof of this. The meaning of sexual addiction is a misnomer.

The truth behind this is a result of sexual abuse. The rightful title should be an addiction to being loved. In just about every case of ones that have this so called sexual addiction has been right out sexually abused in the most horrible manner possible when they were a child. That rightfully proves that sex is a form of loving making between two people. The ones that have been sexually abuse still realize this to be true.

Instead of functioning as they should with sex, these individuals are trapped in the aspect that sex is a means of hate and destruction. Instead of loving themselves through sex, they in up punshing themselves instead. That is the result of any child that has been raised without love in the home. It does not have to be sexual abuse to ignite this in them. We are born to be loved. It must be taught to children from day one. The lack of this is a serous disaster for them.

Now back to this mother and child of this article. The mother here is showing and teaching the natural aspect of the human body a very powerful aid, her own naked body. This will not lead to the 14 year old boy wanting to have sexual intercourse with his mother. That is another misconception about the reality of nudity. No one goes seuxal out of control by seeing the naked body, either a male body nor a female body. Hospitals see the naked body of all shapes and sizes. Have you known of any hosspitals having sex orges?

For this mother to do what she has done for her child is no form of incest or sexual abuse on her part. In the result, this 14 year old boy will grow up knowing about the female body and be able to be a great love to a female one day. It is the rightful teaching of this mother that has made all the difference in the future of this 14 year old boy, her son. Seeing any form of natural sex/love making is not damaging either. That is why so many are hooked up with pornography so easily. The beauty of two people making love is wonderful.

Shocking I know, but any pornographic movie is not about love. It has nothing to do with the natural order of sex, love, or the human naked body. Just the same, it seems that most believe that teaching thier own children about the human body will lead to sexual immorality, STDs, STIs, unwanted pregnancy, and all sorts of proplems. It is the ignorance that is causing all these problems. If we all got undressed right down to our birthday suites, walked outside, many will be surpised to find that most are not sexual arroused. If any do, it is very short lived.

Niether does a mother breastfeeding in public causes any sexual immoral actions. A mother breastfeeding her young is a normal and natural act of love. Why do you think woman have larger breast then men? Would it be almost hillairous to see a male breastfeeding a baby. In all the public displays of fussing and causing issues, most people say that breastfeeding in public is sexual immoral, disturbing for children, and all the rest.

If there were people on the streets having all sorts of sexual acts, then that would be one thing, but for the natural aspect of a mother breastfeeding her baby is right out wonderful aspect of love. The baby needs to be fed sure enough, but to see it done in this way is a lot more the logistical support. It is the manisfistation of motherhood and the love she has for her baby. The natural order of life is not pornographic, abusive, or damaging to anyone.

Blessed Be to Isis and you,

Real Name: Brandon Bowers

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