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Friday, January 08, 2010

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In this blog, I have embed a number of videos, that will be changed often, on plain simple nudity or the nudist lifestyle.  I want my readers to get the truth on the reality of what is natural and normal regarding the human naked body.  In this posting, there is a contrast.

This is not natural form of sex.  It has nothing to do on why I have created this blog in the first place.  The human body is the most beautiful, wonderful, completed, entity on the face of the Earth.  Most Western countries reveal the human naked body as dirty, sinful and right out ugly.  This is far from the reality spectrum.

What makes prostitution so unnatural is that it completely distorts the purpose of sex.  As I have stated many times, sex is love, and love is sex.  The purpose for sex in the animal kingdom is procreation of their species.  Humans can have children also, but sex is much more than having children.

The sole purpose of this blog is to enlighten parents to teach their own children about their bodies.  Teaching about the opposite sex is needed as well.  I cannot state this enough, “Knowledge is power.”  If parents wants their children to grow up with a proper and healthy sex life, then they will not learn it in schools, the media, churches, or anywhere else.  The home is where every thing starts.

To prove that sex is love, I have heard on a television program that a young girl went into prostitution for love that she did not get from the home.  That does not mean have sex with your children, but love can branch out on all planes of existence.  When children are taught about their bodies by mom/dad, than these children will realize how important they are in life.  That is one form of love in the home.  Sexual abuse is not love.

Prostitution and other unnatural sex acts in life is a sign of a broken system, usually in the home where all understandings stars.  Instead the Western world fears teaching the natural order of life.  They might scream “live green” without knowing why they are doing it themselves.  Saving energy is not just living green, but common sense.  It is common sense for parents to raise their own children properly, but sad to say, most do not.

The human naked body is the most natural aspect of life for a human being.  Having sex due to peer pressure is not.  That is out right rape.  Making love in a sexual manner is very natural and normal, but what it is being shown in the media is not right.  Only the right information in the home by the parents can allow children to sort out for themselves what is right or wrong for them.  STDs is a common term, but having sex does not lead to STDs, nor will having sex kill teenagers.

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